Massage Marketing – The Alignment between the Therapist and the Customer

Massage Marketing – The Alignment between the Therapist and the Customer

How do you market your business?

Note how I used, “Market” and not “Advertise”. Advertise is only one part. To “Market” your business whether it is a spa, salon or you are an individual massage practitioner working from home, encompasses everything you do, from making your clients feel at ease during the massage, to following up on e-mails and posting an advert in a Magazine.

It boils down to image…

  • What do you see your business as?
  • How does your customers perceive you?

Where can you change your business decisions to make sure the above to questions or perceptions are in line.

  • For example. If you are a caring individual, let it shine through on your Facebook page.
  • If you are a casual setup of a business – make sure the language you use in your e-mails and advertising material also portray a relaxed environment.

There is this saying that small bits and pieces makes up a whole. I suggest you look at all the little ins and outs of your massage company. See if there is alignment between the different areas of your business.

Feel free to ask your loyal customers why they revisit you. There may be insight that you never thought of. For example, at (the business that I am part of) we realized that the massage therapists values the customers they receive from us, for the customers were also passionate about the massage industry. This is something we didn’t know, but can work on.

This is why the blog was created. To educate everyone interested in the massage industry on what it is all about and to realign misconceptions. I am very excited about this and hope you will be too.

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